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Faculty + Staff


Amy BhattAssistant Professor
ACIV 438, 410.455.2018, email Dr. Bhatt

Kate DrabinskiLecturer
Director of WILL program
ACIV 436, 410.455.6371, email Dr. Drabinski

Viviana MacManus, Post-Doctoral Fellow
ACIV 435, 410.455.2489, email Dr. MacManus

Carole McCann, Chair and Professor
ACIV 437, 410.455.2161, email Dr. McCann
Feminist theory, reproductive politics, cultural politics of gender, sexuality, race and science

Adjunct Faculty

Robyn Epstein, Instructor
ACIV 439, 410.455.2001, email Professor Epstein

April Householder, Instructor
MP 216, 410.455.3057, email Dr. Householder

Emek Ergun, Instructor
ACIV 440, 410.455.2798, email Professor Ergun


Program Staff

Elle Trusz, Program Management Specialist
ACIV 439, 410.455.2001, email Ms Trusz