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Faculty + Staff


Amy BhattAssistant Professor
Fine Arts 414, 410.455.2018, email Dr. Bhatt

Kate DrabinskiSenior Lecturer
Director of WILL Program
Fine Arts 417, 410.455.6371, email Dr. Drabinski

Viviana MacManus, Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 416, 410.455.2489, email Dr. MacManus

Carole McCann, Chair and Professor
Fine Arts 413B, 410.455.2161, email Dr. McCann

Mejdulene Shomali, Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 411, email Dr. Shomali

Adjunct Faculty

April Householder, Instructor
MP 216, 410.455.3057, email Dr. Householder

D. Brie Hagen, Instructor
Fine Arts 415, email Brie Hagen

Kathryn Kein, Instructor
Fine Arts 415, email Kathryn Kein


Program Staff

Kimberly Hardaway, Program Management Specialist
Fine Arts 413C, 410.455.2001, email Ms. Hardaway