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Gender and Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that investigates how gender and sexuality operate as organizing axes of social, cultural, economic and political institutions, as well as in the everyday lives and cultural products of people who must live within them. Emphasizing the importance of historical and cross-cultural perspectives, the Gender and Women’s Studies Program at UMBC critically examines the intersections of gender and sexuality with other differences, including, class, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, and ability to make visible structures of power that otherwise remain hidden.

But what can I *do* with a major in GWST?

You can change the world! Our graduates have gone on to careers in politics, law, public service, social work, teaching, and yes, of course, medicine and scientific research. GWST trains you to read carefully, think complexly, and argue passionately. You will gain skills that will help you ace the LSAT and GRE, write a killer application essay for jobs, fellowships, and graduate school, and demonstrate to employers that you know how to work well in today’s diverse workplace. Far more importantly, though, a major in GWST sets you up for a lifetime of questioning hard, thinking deeply, and figuring out how to make real changes in the world around you—a life worth living.

The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies offers a major, undergraduate certificate, graduate certificate, and two minors, Gender and Women’s Studies and Critical Sexuality Studies. Access the requirements for each of these options via the menu bar to the left or above.


Students majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies or minoring in Critical Sexuality Studies should contact the Department office at 410-455-2001 to be assigned an advisor.  Before registering for classes each semester, majors should contact their advisor to schedule an appointment.  Students who are pursuing the GWST minor or undergraduate certificate are strongly encouraged to seek advising in GWST soon after declaring the minor or certificate, and periodically thereafter.

Declaring a major, minor or certificate

In order to declare a degree option in GWST or CSST, students need to complete Declaration of Major/Minor form and submit it to the registrar’s office or bring it to the GWST office at 413C Fine Arts.