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Spectrum Clothing Swap One-Stop Drop-In Shop

A clothing swap for folks in the trans and NB communities!

Monday, December 2 through
Friday, December 6
The Commons : Women's Center
The Women's Center is hosting a Clothing Swap during the week of December 2nd for our trans and non-binary student community (as well as other LGBTQ-identified folks). Our hope is to curate a good selection of clothes for folks to choose from, so if you find yourself getting new stuff and needing a new home for your old faves, I hope you can think of us in the Women's Center and donate some of your garments our way! 

NOTE: We will be collecting clothing donations from 11/25 to 12/2!

Donation Guidelines: 

- We are looking for primarily casual clothes and very gently used shoes. We will also accept slight more formal, business casual garments. 
- We welcome a VARIETY of sizes, styles, etc. I would love to get a broad selection for people to choose from!
- Please keep your donation limited to ONE SHOPPING BAG (think reusable grocery bag size); if that means you have to be super selective, that's even better! Unfortunately, as many of you are already aware, the Women's Center storage closet is not nearly as big as we would like, so we need to be mindful about how much we take on. :)
- Please drop off anything you want to donate between Monday, November 25th and  Monday, December 2nd at 5 pm in the Women's Center.

Please respect, however, that we are centering LGBTQ-identified students, especially those in the trans community.- Anyone can donate and/or participate! Please respect, however, that we are centering LGBTQ-identified students, especially those in the trans community.

Any and all clothes that are left over will be donated.

More on Spectrum

Spectrum is a programming and resource hub for UMBC community members who identify as trans, genderqueer, gender fluid, outside of the gender binary, and/or those who are questioning their gender identity. Supported by the Women’s Center and the Mosaic Center, Spectrum has evolved from a discussion-based program to an umbrella of resources, discussions, and events. Currently, the Spectrum discussion group is not being offered so we can ensure support of groups like Trans Tuesdays hosted by the LGBTQ Student Union and the Trans Support group run through the Counseling Center. The Women’s Center and Mosaic Center offers trans-related events each month. For details, connect with a staff member or check out our events page. Additional resources can be shared through our offices and we encourage community members to connect with us.