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Want to learn more about blogging this winter?

Take Dr Kate's Unruly Bodies course! GWST345

November 8, 2018 2:22 PM
As part of the course this winter, Dr. Kate will be teaching students how to create public blogs!

MW 1-4:10pm
*Hybrid Course*
Dr. Kate Drabinski

Drawing on feminist, queer, social, and critical race theory, this course examines the status of the body in both historical and contemporary debates about identity, representation, and politics. We tend to take the body for granted as the ground of experience and knowledge, but this course challenges that common sense, asking how the body is produced, managed, and deployed in a various ways to discipline and manage populations. We will also investigate the political possibilities of body work to resist and reshape these same disciplinary practices, paying particular attention to "queer" forms of embodiment.

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