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Fall '22 CSST Course Offerings

CSST 210, 220, 300, 345

Looking for interesting, relevant, and fun classes that can also help you meet the Gen ED requirement or get you upper-level credits? Check out the offerings in Critical Sexuality Studies and see the attached flyer for course details!

CSST 210 - Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies

This course introduces students to the field of critical sexuality studies. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the course conducts a critical inquiry into the historical precedents and theoretical frameworks necessary to understand the role of sexuality in shaping personal, social, economic, and political life. The course focuses on patterns of subordination and exclusion based on individuals sexual practices and identities, explains the origins and persistence of those patterns, and considers ways of challenging them. Throughout the course, special attention will be given to intersections of sexuality with gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, and disability.

GEP: Culture, Social Sciences

CSST 220 - Introduction to Transgender Studies

Drawing on historical and contemporary sources, this course is an introduction to and survey of the field of transgender studies with a particular emphasis on the intersection of the field with feminist and LGBTQ studies. While seeking to understand the emergence and varied lived experiences of transgender identities, the course also aims to teach students to think critically about the political, economic, ideological, and transnational lives of "transgender" as a concept. **This class is cross-listed with GWST 220

CSST 300 - Methodologies in Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies

This writing intensive seminar introduces students to the theory and practice of interdisciplinary research in the field of gender, women's, and sexuality studies. The course examines the distinguishing features of feminist methodologies that draw from the social sciences and the humanities. By reading and discussing examples of excellent and innovative research, students will become acquainted with the practical details, intellectual challenges, and the ethical dilemmas involved in doing research about women, gender, and sexuality. The course also explores the connections between research and community activism. **This class is cross-listed with GWST 300

CSST 345 - Unruly Bodies

Drawing on feminist, queer, social, and critical race theory, this course examines the status of the body in both historical and contemporary debates about identity, representation, and politics. We tend to take the body for granted as the ground of experience and knowledge, but this course challenges that common sense, asking how the body is produced, managed, and deployed in a various ways to discipline and manage populations. We will also investigate the political possibilities of body work to resist and reshape these same disciplinary practices, paying particular attention to "queer" forms of embodiment. 

GEP: Arts and Humanities

Posted: April 26, 2022, 3:15 PM