Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies critically examines the intersections of genders and sexualities with race, nation, class, religion, and other aspects of identity to make visible the structures of power that otherwise remain hidden.

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We have four academic plans:

Our degree programs are perfect to combine with other fields of study, including STEM fields, and will bring a new perspective to your understanding of your work.

If you’re interested in learning more or talking with a department advisor, email gwstudies@umbc.edu.

What Can I Do with a Major in Gender and Women’s Studies?


You can change the world! Our graduates have gone on to careers in politics, law, public service, social work, teaching, and yes, of course, medicine and scientific research. GWST trains you to read carefully, think complexly, and argue passionately. You will gain skills that will help you demonstrate to employers that you know how to work well in today’s diverse workplace. Far more importantly, though, a major in GWST sets you up for a lifetime of questioning hard, thinking deeply, and figuring out how to make real changes in the world around you – a life worth living.

Want to read the stories of a few of our graduates? Check out our alumni profiles and see what our graduates have been up to since leaving UMBC.


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