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What can I do with a major in GWST???

You can change the world! Our graduates have gone on to careers in politics, law, public service, social work, teaching, and yes, of course, medicine and scientific research. GWST trains you to read carefully, think complexly, and argue passionately. You will gain skills that will help you ace the LSAT and GRE, write a killer application essay for jobs, fellowships, and graduate school, and demonstrate to employers that you know how to work well in today’s diverse workplace. Far more importantly, though, a major in GWST sets you up for a lifetime of questioning hard, thinking deeply, and figuring out how to make real changes in the world around you—a life worth living.

Alumni profiles

Click here for a glimpse of GWST alumni, their research, their work, and their accomplishments after graduation!

We count amazing individuals among our list of alumni. We would love to showcase the successes and accomplishments of our esteemed alumni so that current and prospective students can see real life answers to the age old question, “So, what does one do with a degree in Gender and Women’s Studies?” Want to share your story, or the story of a fellow UMBC GWST alum? Email with the details, or to request more information.

Click here to meet some of the students who have earned URCAD awards and done amazing research alongside GWST faculty!

Do you want to give back to the GWST program?

You can make a secure one-time or recurring gift by visiting the UMBC Giving site here.

Please note: on the second page in the “Other Designations” field write “Gender and Women’s Studies” or “Joan S. Korenman” to designate your donation to the appropriate fund*.

You will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation of your gift, followed by a thank you and receipt from UMBC within a few weeks, which you may use for tax purposes. Your full gift will go directly to the designation you choose.

On behalf of our faculty and students, we thank you in advance for demonstrating your commitment to academic excellence by giving to Gender and Women’s Studies.

* The GWST foundation and the Joan S. Korenman foundation help support GWST students and programming. We have used funding from our foundations to provide cash awards to graduating GWST students for academic achievement and outstanding service to Gender and Women’s Studies. We also use our foundations to support GWST programming, such as the annual Korenman Lecture as well as events sponsored by our two student organizations, the Women Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL), and the GWST Council of Majors, Minors and Certificates (COMM).

Stay in touch and up-to-date with GWST!

Our current program and affiliate faculty are at the cutting edge of their interdisciplinary fields, and they incorporating new materials and readings into their classroom discussions every semester. Was your summer reading list a bit dull? Would you like to catch up on the latest feminist findings? Let us know! We would like to start a reading list, approved by your professors, so we will let you know whenever we add new readings to the list.

We would also like to keep in touch with our alumni about the issues that are important to you, and to keep you informed about current GWST events, as well. If you would like to receive updates, drop us a line to ask that we add you to our alumni database.


See our great list of additional resources here.