Affiliate Faculty

Rebecca Adelman, Professor, Media and Communication Studies
Visual culture; citizenship; terror; cultural studies of terror and war; trauma studies; American studies; theories of subject-formation and subjectivity; ethics

Marina Adler, Professor, Sociology
Cross-national research on social policy and gender, work, and family intersections

Jessica Berman, Professor, English, and Director, Dresher Center for the Humanities
20th-century narrative, gender and cultural studies, feminist theory

Beverly Bickel, Clinical Associate Professor, Language, Literacy and Culture Doctoral Program
Globalized communication, new media and transnational public space, and transformational knowledge projects

Dawn Biehler, Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Systems
Historical geography of environmental health in US cities; gender, race, class, and the environment; environmental justice; social geography; housing

Kathy Bryan, Affiliate Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer, American Studies
Education and cultural transmission, childhood and family, intellectual history

Gloria Chuku, Professor, Africana Studies
African history, African culture and development, West African history, History of women & gender in Africa, Women in Africa and the Diaspora, Comparative slavery in Africa & the New World

Keegan Finberg, Assistant Professor, English
Poetry and poetics, transatlantic modernism and the avant-garde, feminist studies, critical theory, twentieth- and twenty-first-century U.S. literature

Amy Froide, Professor, History
European women’s history, women in early modern England, never-married women, women, work, and investment

Brandy Harris-Wallace, Associate Professor, Sociology
Aging/long term care, gender, health care workers and paraprofessional workers

Loren Henderson, Associate Professor, Anthropology, Sociology, & Health Administration and Policy
Racial and gender health disparities, diversity, and inequality

Tammy Henderson, Lecturer, Africana Studies
Black motherhood, Black girlhood, Black women and reproductive rights, and the Family Medical Leave Act

Danyelle Ireland, Research Assistant Professor, Center for Women in Technology (CWIT)
Intersectional nature of social, academic, and occupational identities in computing and engineering majors, and factors impacting their achievement motivation and persistence

Aubrey Jackson Soller, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Social phenomena related to intimate partner violence, abortion, adolescent health-risk behaviors, and the neighborhood context

Lindsay Johnson, Lecturer, Music
17th-century convent music; sacred eroticism; performed embodiment; the experience of the listener; sexuality, race, and politics in US American music of the 1960s and 1970s

Marjoleine Kars, Professor, History, and Chair of History
Early American religion, sexuality and women’s history

Tania Lizarazo, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Literature, and Intercultural Communication
Latin American cultural studies, transnational and social movements, women of color feminisms, community-based research

Christine Mallinson, Professor, Language, Literacy and Culture Doctoral Program
Race, class, and gender inequality; regional, ethnic, and gender variation in American English; language and discrimination; interface between sociolinguistics and social theory.

Kathryn McKinley, Associate Professor, English
Medieval Literature, Chaucer, Ovid, Boccaccio, Materiality of Late Medieval Lay Piety, and Later Medieval and Early Modern Food Cultures

Susan McCully, Assistant Professor, Theatre
Literature, playwrighting, feminist theatre

Susan McDonough, Associate Professor, History
Medieval history and western civilization, relationships between Christians and Jews, men and women, nobles and the middling sort in late medieval Marseille, the dynamics of gender and religious interaction in history

Marcela Sarmiento Mellinger, Associate Professor, Social Work
Pursuit of social justice through advocacy used by human service organizations, including structure of advocacy, advocacy strategies, and motivators for advocacy behavior, especially the intersection of advocacy and the intimate partner violence movement

Thania Muñoz D., Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication
Latin American literature and culture, Latinx Literature; Spanish language literature in the U.S.; Border Studies; Language and social justice

Eileen O’Brien, Affiliate Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer, Psychology
Women’s and children’s health and well-being, integrated mental health and support services programs for women and children, women in adolescence, impact of gender throughout the lifespan

Elizabeth Patton, Associate Professor, Media & Communication Studies
history of communication technology; the impact of communication technology on space and work-life balance; mediated spatial practices and intersecting discourses of gender, class, and race; media and urbanism

Timothy Phin, Lecturer, Ancient Studies
Sexuality and gender in the ancient world, queer theory, rhetoric, Latin language and literature, Roman social and cultural history

Lisa Pace Vetter, Associate Professor, Political Science
Feminist political theory

Jules Rosskam, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts
queer aesthetics, transgender studies, feminist film theory, documentary film, experimental film

Deborah Rudacille, Professor of Practice, English
history of science, sex and gender, cultural understandings of biology and health, autism and neurodiversity movements, the rise and fall of coal and steel industries

Michelle Scott, Associate Professor, History
African-American women’s history, U.S. social history, 19th-20th centuries, African-American musical and entertainment culture

James Smalls, Professor, Visual Arts Intersections of race, gender and queer sexuality in the visual art and culture of the nineteenth century in Europe and that of the black diaspora in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Orianne Smith, Associate Professor and Chair of English
Eighteenth and nineteenth century British literature and culture, Romantic women writers, millenarianism, the Gothic

Sharon Tran, Assistant Professor, English
20th and 21st century multiethnic American literature, Asian American literature, cultural studies, feminism, queer theory, disability studies, ecocriticism

Yolanda Valencia, Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Systems
Geographies of Latinx migration, critical geographies of race, Latinx feminist methods and theory

Mirjam Voerkelius, Assistant Professor, History
European history and specializes in the history of the Soviet Union, science, and the environment

Noor Zaidi, Assistant Professor, History
Middle Eastern History with a specialization in Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, construction of sacred space in Shia Islam

Haniyeh Barahouie, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication

Francophone Bande dessinée, 20th- & 21st- century French Literature and Culture, Middle Eastern Studies, Transnationalism and Cross-cultural Exchange, Digital Humanities