María Célleri, Assistant Professor, Latin America & Caribbean Studies (Andean Studies), Decolonial Feminisms, Reproductive Justice, Urban Studies, Cultural Studies
Fine Arts 415, 410.455.6376, email Dr. Célleri

Courtney Cook, Visiting Lecturer, Black girlhood, the intersections of race, gender, and class, and the cultural impact of media on race and gender
Fine Arts 411, 410.455.3057, email Ms. Cook

Kate DrabinskiPrincipal Lecturer, Transgender Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Public History, Theories of Activism
Director of WILL+ Program
Fine Arts 417, 410.455.6371, email Dr. Drabinski

Kathryn Kein, Lecturer, Gender and Sexuality, Feminism, Race, Social Movements, Popular Culture
Associate Director of WILL+ Program
Fine Arts 411, 410.455.2018, email Dr. Kein

Carole McCann, Chair and Professor, Transnational Feminist Science Studies, and the population/reproductive politics.
Fine Arts 413B, 410.455.2161, email Dr. McCann

Mejdulene Shomali, Assistant Professor, Femininity, Queerness, Transnational Arab Cultural Production
Fine Arts 416, email Dr. Shomali