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Amy BhattAssociate Professor
Fine Arts 414, 410.455.2018, email Dr. Bhatt

María Célleri, Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 415, 410.455.6376, email Dr. Célleri

Kate DrabinskiSenior Lecturer
Director of WILL+ Program
Fine Arts 417, 410.455.6371, email Dr. Drabinski

Kathryn Kein, Visiting Lecturer
Fine Arts 411, 410.455.2489, email Dr. Kein

Carole McCann, Chair and Professor
Fine Arts 413B, 410.455.2161, email Dr. McCann

Mejdulene Shomali, Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 416, email Dr. Shomali

Adjunct Faculty

Joyell Arvella, JD, Instructor
Fine Arts 412, 410.455.3057, email

Liz Barr, Instructor
Fine Arts 411, 410.455.3057, email Dr. Barr

Courtney Cook, Instructor
Fine Arts 412, 410.455.3057, email Ms. Cook

Steven Dashiell, Instructor
Fine Arts 412, 410.455.3057, email Mr. Dashiell

Danyelle Ireland, Instructor
ITE 425C, 410.455.3109, email Dr. Ireland