Certificate in Critical Sexuality Studies

This interdisciplinary certificate is designed for students in all majors who want to study sexuality and LGBTQ+ issues in a systematic way. The certificate investigates the historical precedents and theoretical frameworks necessary to understand sexuality and its effects in social, economic, political, and personal life. Particular attention is paid to how sexuality intersects with other social differences, including gender, race, class, religion, nationality, disability, and age, and how power, resistance, and life chances are unevenly distributed at these intersections. The certificate provides students with a robust understanding of the institutional and ideological grounds of social policy and public discourse about sexuality in all its forms. It empowers students to imagine a more just future and equips them with the tools to collectively enact it.

The certificate provides a strong foundation in the field of sexuality studies that prepares students for employment or graduate school in psychology, law, social work, public health, medicine, nonprofit management, human resources, and more.

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The Certificate in Critical Sexuality Studies consists of 21 credits, divided as follows:

CORE COURSES (9 credits)
Course # Course Name GEP Semester Offered
CSST 210 Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies SS/C
CSST 345 Unruly Bodies AH/C
CSST 485 Sexuality and Queer Theory Spring Only
  • 6 credits must be from Interdisciplinary Social Science Courses
  • A maximum of 6 credits may be taken from Arts and Culture Courses
  • Students have the option to take up to 3 credits of independent study and 3 credits of internship towards completion of the certificate
  • Selected topics courses (CSST 292, CSST 392, CSST 492) may also be counted towards the 12 credits in electives

NOTE: A C or better is required in all courses applied toward the certificate

Course Number
Course Name
GWST 332/SOCY 332 Human Sexuality in Sociological Perspectives
GWST 333/SOCY 333 Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective C/SS
GWST 356/PSYC 356 The Psychology of Sex and Gender
GWST 366/HIST 366 Doin’ It: Case Studies in the History of Western Sexuality SS/C
GWST 381 Reproductive Justice in the US
GWST 383 History and Politics of Sexuality
GWST 413/MLL 413 Language, Gender and Sexuality
GWST 444/PSYC 444 Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity WI
Course Number
Course Name
CSST 320/GWST 220 Introduction to Transgender Studies
CSST 321 Queer Representation in Film AH
GWST 255/MLL 255 Intercultural Paris AH/C
GWST 315 Modern Masculinities AH/C
GWST 341 Indigenous and Decolonial Feminisms
GWST 344 Transnational Femininities AH/C
GWST 348 Black, Queer and Feminist Film
GWST 349/THTR 349 Gender, Sexuality and Theatrical Performance AH