Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate faculty in GWST serve a two-year term, during which time affiliates are obligated to either:

    • Offer one cross-listed course with GWST
    • Serve on the Coordinating Committee
    • Serve on another GWST department committee (i.e.; Faculty Mentoring committee), or
    • Serve in a leadership role in the CAHSS Women’s Faculty Network.

Applications are reviewed by the Core Faculty and the Coordinating Committee, which vote to recommend each affiliate appointment to the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The Dean will then issue an official letter of appointment to each faculty member. Once appointed, faculty may include their affiliation with Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies in their professional work (i.e.; CV, business cards).

Affiliate faculty applications are solicited each spring. If you are interested in applying for an affiliate appointment, please reach out to the chair, Vrushali Patil at Interested faculty should also read our affiliate faculty policy.