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Coordinating Committee


Coordinating Committee Members

Governance of the program in Gender and Women’s Studies is vested in an interdisciplinary Coordinating Committee consisting of faculty, associate staff, and students, under the general supervision of the Director of Gender and Women’s Studies.



Rebecca Adelman, Associate Professor, Media & Communication Studies

Jessica Berman, Professor, English and Director, Dresher Center for the Humanities

Amy Bhatt, Associate Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies

Beverly Bickel, Clinical Associate Professor, Language, Literacy and Culture Doctoral Program

Dawn Biehler, Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Systems

Gloria Chuku, Professor, Africana Studies

Kate Drabinski, Senior Lecturer, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Director of WILL

Nicole Else-Quest, Associate Professor, Psychology

Amy Froide, Professor, History

Lindsay Johnson, Lecturer, Music

Marjoleine Kars, Associate Professor, History, and Chair of History

Christine Mair, Associate Professor, Sociology

Christine Mallinson, Professor, Language, Literacy and Culture Doctoral Program

Carole McCann, Professor and Chair, Gender and Women’s Studies

Susan McDonough, Associate Professor, History

Liz Patton, Assistant Professor, Media and Communication Studies

Bryce Peake, Assistant Professor, Media and Communication Studies

Michelle Scott, Associate Professor, History

Orianne Smith, Associate Professor, English, and Chair, English

Lisa Pace Vetter, Associate Professor, Political Science

Brandy Harris Wallace, Associate Professor, Sociology

Ex-Officio Member

Jess Myers, Director,  Women’s Center