Gender and Women’s Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is designed for students in any major who also want a concentration in the study of gender. The minor investigates how gender operates as an organizing axis of social, cultural, economic, and political institutions, as well as in the everyday lives and cultural products of people who must live within them. Special attention is paid to how gender intersects with other differences, including race, sexuality, class, religion, nation, disability, and age, and how power, resistance, and life chances are differentially distributed at these intersections. This minor will empower students to imagine a more just future and equip them with the tools to collectively enact it.

The minor provides a good foundation of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that prepare students for work or graduate school in a variety of fields, including psychology, law, social work, medicine, nonprofit management, human resources, and more.

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To earn the minor, students must complete 18 credits of coursework offered by the Department of Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies, as follows:

CORE COURSES (9 Credits)
Course # Course Name GEP Semester Offered
GWST 100 Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies SS/C
GWST 200 Studies in Feminist Activism SS Spring Only
GWST 480 Theories of Feminism



Complete 9 elective credit for the minor. Of these 9 elective credits, 3 credits must be designated Range of Experience (RoE) courses and 3 must at the 300 level and above. Students have the option to take up to 3 credits of independent study and 3 credits of internship towards completion of the minor. Topics courses (CSST 292, 392, 492, GWST 290, 390, 490) may be counted toward the 9 credits in electives

RoE COURSES (3 Credits)
Course # Course Name RoE GEP
CSST 321 Queer Representation in Film and TV RoE AH
CSST 345 Unruly Bodies RoE AH/C
GWST/MLL 320 Transnational Feminist Film RoE AH/C
GWST 340 Women, Gender, and Globalization RoE SS/C
GWST 341 Indigenous and Decolonial Feminisms RoE
GWST 342 Gender in Modern South Asia RoE AH/C
GWST 343 Gender, Human Rights, + Political Violence: Latin America RoE AH/C
GWST 344 Transnational Femininities RoE AH/C

NOTES: A C or better is required in all courses applied toward the minor


Students who wish to pursue Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies in even more depth can do so by:

  • Earning a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies;
  • Majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies; or
  • Earning a minor in Critical Sexuality Studies