Korenman Lectures

Named in honor of Joan S. Korenman, the founding faculty member of what was then the Women’s Studies Program, the Korenman Lecture series showcases the wealth of contemporary scholarship that is produced at the intersections between gender, women’s, and sexuality studies and other academic disciplines.

The first Korenman lecture ran in 2007 and the Department of Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies has hosted the lecture every year since. Our past Korenman lectures are all available here.

2022: C. Nicole Mason, Impact of the Pandemic on Women’s Work and Wellbeing

2021: Jennifer C. Nash, ‘In the Room’:  Women of Color Doulas in a State of Emergency

2020: Kelly Dittmar, Measuring Electoral Success: Gender and Intersectional Dynamics in Political Campaigns

2019: Sara Ahmed, Complaint as Diversity Work

2018: Deepa Iyer, Becoming Bridge-Builders and Disrupters: Navigating Racial and Gender Realities in America Today

2017: Carole McCann, Figuring the Population Bomb: Malthusian Masculinities and Demographic Transitions

2016: Alice Dreger, Why Have Intersex Rights Been So Hard to Secure in America?

2015: Maria Gabriela “Gaby” Pacheco, The Paths We Make as We Go: the Narrative of an Undocumented Immigrant Woman in the U.S.

2014: E. Patrick Johnson, Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell Their Tales

2013: Sandra Steingraber, The Fracking of Rachel Carson: Silent Spring in an Age of Environmental Crisis

2012: Kathy Davis, Feminism as Traveling Theory: the Case of Our Bodies, Ourselves

2011: Farhana Sultana, Negotiating Contaminated Identities: Gender, Water, and Development in Altered Waterscapes

2009: Rhacel Parrenas, Gender Revolution in the Phillippines

2008: Nancy Armstrong, Gender Must Be Defended

2007: Cynthia Enloe, Women, Men and the Iraq War:  What a Feminist Curiosity Reveals